2018 ISN-JNC Flagship School

2018 ISN-JNC Flagship School

10th October 2018

Apply now to attend the 2nd ISN-JNC Flagship School 
“Construction and reconstruction of brain circuits: Normal and pathological axon guidance”

Alpbach, Austria, 10-15 September 2018

Advanced ISN Student and Postdoc Members are invited to submit an application between 2 January 2018 and 28 February 2018.

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This new initiative of the ISN jointly with its journal, the Journal of Neurochemistry (JNC), aims at advanced state-of-the art education of 40 young neuroscience researchers (advanced PhD, MD, and Post-docs) selected through a competitive process and is a biennial flagship of the global educational programs of ISN. The inaugural flagship school in 2016 ‘The malleable brain: plasticity of neural circuits and behaviour’ held in 2016 was a great success resulted in a Review article written from students to students.

The ISN-JNC Flagship School aims to offer a unique, high quality opportunity to bring together the students and high profile speakers in a set location for six days to take part in lectures, discussions, and poster presentations related to scientific content as well as presentation of their research in various mediums (e.g. publications, grants, etc.).

The most distinguished researchers in the field are invited to present and discuss recent breakthroughs in neuroscience and future directions, not only in scientific talks but also during the ample opportunities to mingle outside of the sessions.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Alain Chedotal – Inserm, Paris – Development, evolution and function of commissural projections
  • Rüdiger Klein – MPG Martinsried/Munich – Contact repulsion and adhesion as guidance mechanisms during normal brain development
  • Mathias Bähr – Göttingen – De- and regeneration of the retino-tectal system
  • Michael Granato – Univ. Pennsylvania – Genetic analysis of peripheral nerve regeneration
  • Hiroyuki Kamiguchi – Riken University, Japan – Molecular signaling and steering machinery for neuronal growth cone guidance
  • Dietmar Schmucker – University of Leuven
  • Zhigang He – Childrens Institute, Harvard – From axon regeneration to functional recovery in adult CNS
  • Jeroen Pasterkamp – University of Utrecht – Roles of (non-) coding RNAs during neural circuit development and disease
  • Pierre Vanderhaeghen – Brussels – From pluripotent stem cells to cortical circuits
  • Yimin Zou – San Diego – Axon guidance cues in spinal cord injury
  • Carol Mason – Univ. Columbia – Genes specifying cell fate and axon growth from eye to brain
  • Valérie Castellani – Lyon, France
  • Lisa Goodrich – Harvard – Wiring and re-wiring auditory circuits
  • Fanny Mann – Marseille, France – Construction and reconstruction of brain circuits: Normal and pathological axon guidance

Please note that the application is only open to PhD students with at least one year of lab experience and to post-docs who finished their doctoral degree in 2013 or later.